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  • Xcase Armor iPad Air - Hitam

    Harga Rp 450.000,-
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    Rp 199.000,-
    Berat Barang 300 gr
    Nomor Produk 415
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    Deskripsi Xcase Armor iPad Air - Hitam


    • Product Details
    • Designed for an active lifestyle,you can continue to use your device without removing from the case.
    • 2pcs technology for ultra protection.Outer layer made from rigid plastic, inner layer made from soft Gel/Silicone with double protection.
    • Shock and impact resistant duarable Gel/silicone provides extra comfort for device.
    • Durable rugged plastic design built with kick stand provides great grip whilst device in hands.
    • Extra bumpers for protections around the 4 corners to absorb the impact in case you drop your phone.
    • Protect your ipad from scratches, shocks, accidental drops and collision.



    Tags: Ipad Air, Xcase Armor, Otterbox


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