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  • MIPOW Clone Iphone 4/4s - Back Up Battery Case

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    Deskripsi MIPOW Clone Iphone 4/4s - Back Up Battery Case


    Our Clone Power Case allows you to DOUBLE your iPhone battery when you’re on the go, and it makes the iPhone battery REPLACEABLE at the same time. You can simply replace the battery of Clone Power Case with our included battery (or any BP-4L standard cell phone battery) by simply taking off the back and taking out the battery, then replace with a new one.

    The Clone power case is “Made for iPhone” certified by Apple Inc. and it’s designed to perfectly fit your iPhone 4. It provides NOT ONLY extra powers to your battery hungry iPhone 4, BUT ALSO a custom fitted full protection for your expensive iPhone 4, yet without changing the original design of the iPhone 4. Its transparent plastic framing keeps the metallic look of iPhone 4, and at the same time, can protect the antenna from human touch.

    • Stand by time: 240 hrs
    • Talk time: 6 hrs (3G) / 10 hrs (2G)
    • Internet use: 5 hrs (on 3G) / 8 hrs (on Wi-Fi)
    • Audio play: 30 hrs
    • Video play: 7.5 hrs

    The Mac style battery level indicator lets you know how much capacity the power case has and smart on/off switch allows you to only turn on charging only when needed. A Micro USB cable is included to recharge the Clone power case and to sync with iTunes.

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