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  • Mili Power King 18000mah

    Harga Rp 1.880.000,-
    Berat Barang 600 gr
    Nomor Produk 381
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    Deskripsi Mili Power King 18000mah

    Product Features
    Unique and accurate battery level indicator. The piano-like coating finish adds to the aesthetic appeal. Provides nearly 100% backup power for laptops
    Provides nearly twice the capacity of a tablet Supports simultaneous charging of a mobile phone and a laptop
    External Buttons and Connectors
    Product Dimension
    Battery: Li-polymer
    Capacity: 18000mAh
    Input: DC 19V/3.5A (max)
    Output: DC 16-20V/3.5A (max)
      DC 9-12V/2A (max)
      USB 5V/1A or 2.1A (max)
    Self charging time: ~4hours
    Dimension: 90*209*21mm
    How to charge the mobile power
      Connect the DV19V input to the adapter.
    How to charge a device
      1. Select the connector for the device that needs recharging and connect it to the corresponding adapter cable.
      2. Plug the adapter cable end into the corresponding output port, and the other end into the device to be charged.
      3. When connected and the device shows charging indication, it means normal charging is taking place.
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