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  • Kaspersky Tech Titan T-Drive Pro 5-in-1 (TT-TDP8331-ID) - 3PC

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    Deskripsi Kaspersky Tech Titan T-Drive Pro 5-in-1 (TT-TDP8331-ID) - 3PC

    Ultimate USB Anti-Virus

    Tech Titan T-Drive Pro is a unique portable anti-virus solution specifically designed to be installed in and executed from USB storages. Powered by Kaspersky Lab, Tech Titan T-Drive Pro is the most powerful portable security solution that you can carry with you anywhere you go.

    Key Features

    ·         Real-time virus detection and protection on USB devices and storages.

    ·         On-demand scanning for USB devices.

    ·         Protects against any newly released threats.

    ·         Powerful disinfection engine.

    ·         Enables and disables auto virus signatures update.

    ·         Incorporates Antibody (USB virus vaccine).

    ·         Virtual Private Disk within the Password Protected Drive (Double Security) for maximum security and privacy.

    ·         File synchronization (Sync It).

    ·         Compatible with all PC-based anti-virus software.

    ·         High-end protection and latest security technology from Kaspersky Lab.


    ·         USB Viruses

    ·         Trojan

    ·         Rootkit

    ·         Macro Viruses

    ·         PE Viruses

    ·         VBS Viruses

    ·         Other Unknown Viruses

    Why Portable Antivirus?

    ·         USB devices have become the major carrier of Viruses and Malware.

    ·         Portable storage devices are frequently connected to unknown computers with unpredictable settings and risks.

    ·         Most computers are running with free antivirus software with lower security level.

    ·         Users normally keep personal and/or confidential information in portable storages.

    Private Disk Features

    Private Disk is a password-protected virtual drive incorporated in Tech Titan T-Drive Pro which

    ·         is hidden before logging in to the console with a preset password,

    ·         offers dynamic space sharing between public and private areas.

    Antibody Features

    Antibody is a special vaccine incorporated in Tech Titan T-Drive Pro that can

    ·         disable auto-play of USB storages to avoid auto-play attacks,

    ·         protect important system files by stopping USB viruses,

    ·         even before Tech Titan T-Drive Pro is launched.

    System Requirements

    Operating System



    Microsoft® Windows Vista®
    Home Basic and Premium/Business/Enterprise/Ultimate (32-bit or 64-bit**)
    Microsoft® Windows® 7
    Starter/Home Basic/and Premium/Professional/Ultimate (32-bit or 64-bit**)
    Microsoft® Windows® 8
    Standard/Pro (32-bit or 64-bit**)



    Microsoft® Windows® XP
    Home/Professional Service Pack 2 or Higher (32-bit or 64-bit**)



    ·         About 512MB of free space on the hard drive.

    ·         Internet connection for product activation and anti-virus signature database update.

    ·         Computer mouse.

    Package Contains :

    ·         Kaspersky Internet Security 3 users (1 year)

    ·         Kaspersky Anti-Virus for MAC - 6 months trial

    ·         Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Mobile security - 6 months trial

    ·         Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Tablet security - 6 months trial

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