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  • BLUETREK Carbon Smart Bluetooth Mono Headset

    Harga Rp 480.000,-
    Berat Barang 300 gr
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    Deskripsi BLUETREK Carbon Smart Bluetooth Mono Headset

    Overview of BLUETREK Carbon Smart Bluetooth Mono Headset

    The next generation of the award-winning Carbon Bluetooth headset

    The World’s first Bluetooth headset made of Carbon fiber, winner of the 2012 CES innovations award and red dot design award.

    The patent pending design reduces dramatically the ear piece thickness for total wearing comfort, light weight but yet incredible strength. Best in class NoiseLock™ noise cancellation on the latest wireless technology ensures clear communication anywhere.

    A2DP profile allows you to listen to music or audio from mobile, or tablet, and even for VoIP calls like Skype or Facetime.


    A2DP profile

    Support of the A2DP profiles allows multimedia streaming from mobile phones or other Bluetooth compatible devices (like an iPad or tablet).

    Fast charging capability

    A rapid 15-minute charge provides up to 2.5 hours of talk time on demand.

    Ultra-light, ultra-strong

    Slim carbon fiber stem provides lightweight strength at only 5.9g.

    Ultra-fast connection

    Bluetooth 3.0 enabled, providing 8 times faster connections than Bluetooth 2.1—connect in 2 seconds or less.

    Mechanical ON/OFF switch

    Always know if your headset is on or off. Never call someone by mistake, and switch the Titanium+ off to save batteries.

    Voice Prompts in 4 languages

    English, Spanish, Mandarin or French voice prompts (or a universal beep mode) notify you of: headset, battery and call status.

    Multipoint technology

    Supports simultaneous active connections with 2 Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices.

    Simplified Pairing

    Secure pairing with no PIN code needed for most newer mobile devices

    Battery Status on iPhone

    Battery meter automatically shows in the iPhone status bar when headset is connected.

    Dual color LED

    Provides visual indication of headset, battery and call status.

    Ergonomic earbuds and ear cushions

    3 sizes of Ergobuds® advanced earbuds. Additional special design ear cushions for extra comfort and stable with the earbud. With or without the provided earhook-- even when wearing glasses.


    Supports Bluetooth-enabled computers, tablets and other devices for VoIP calling*, such as Skype or Facetime.

    Other operational features

    volume up, volume down, mute, unmute, transfer calls between phone and headset, call waiting, call reject*, last number redial*, reset.

    Features may vary depending upon your mobile phone, etc.

    Package Contents

    All item you get from the box :

    • 1 x Bluetrek Carbon Smart
    • 1 x Ear Hook
    • 3 x Sizes of Ergobuds® advanced earbuds
    • 6 x pcs of earbud cushion
    • 1 x MicroUSB cable for charging
    • 1 x Pouch


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