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  • Blackberry Z10 Extra Battery Charger

    Harga Rp 90.000,-
    Berat Barang 200 gr
    Nomor Produk 337
    Stock   Tersedia

    Deskripsi Blackberry Z10 Extra Battery Charger

    1.The built in AC plug 100-240V the voltage standards

    2.Support double recharge the battery at the same time support the USB output to charge.

    3.A Charger output DC 4.20V 450 mA. USB Output DC 5.2V 800ma

       B.Seat charger output DC 4.35V 650mA. USB Output DC 5.2V 800mA

    4.The built in intelligent protection system, stable and reliable and secure.

    5.LED ligh indictes the batery state: when the battery, the LED light red light, After the battery fully charged, LED lights      are blue

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